Posted on April 29, 2024

How to Care for Your Skin after a Chemical Peel

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Chemical peels are popular skin rejuvenation treatments that can address a wide range of common skin concerns, including uneven skin tone and texture, acne scars, lines and wrinkles and sun damage.

As their name suggests, most chemical peels cause the outermost layer of skin to peel away, revealing the fresh new layer underneath. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on the depth of the peel. During this time, it is important that you take special care of your skin to protect it while it heals and to ensure you get the most out of your treatment. Follow these tips for caring for your skin after a chemical peel to maximize results.

1. Closely Follow Our Aftercare Instructions

Your MSpa treatment professional will provide you with thorough chemical peel aftercare instructions based on the specific type and depth of peel you had, as well as any unique needs your skin might have. Follow these guidelines as closely as possible to aid in your skin’s natural healing process and see the best results.

2. Avoid Sun Exposure

While you should always protect your skin from the sun, sun protection in the days following your peel is even more crucial, as your skin is more susceptible to damage during this time. Ideally, it is best to avoid sun exposure altogether while your skin heals after a chemical peel, but if this is not possible, be sure to apply a high-quality sunscreen. We are happy to provide sunscreen recommendations.

3. Gently Cleanse Your Skin

It is important to keep your skin clean and free of debris as it peels and heals. However, be sure to use a mild cleanser and gently wash your face with lukewarm or cool water. Both very hot and very cold water can cause inflammation, so do not use either to rinse your face while your skin is healing. Use only your fingertips to wash your face, avoiding scrub brushes, loofahs or rough washcloths. Gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

4. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Your skin may feel dry and tight for the first few days after your peel. During this time, it likely will need extra hydration. Use gentle, a non-comedogenic barrier repair moisturizer to not only hydrate your skin but to also help keep it protected. We can provide recommendations for the best barrier repair moisturizer for your skin type and specific needs.

5. Avoid Harsh Ingredients and Scrubs

Be careful about what you apply to your skin as it heals post-peel. Harsh cosmetic or skincare products that contain exfoliants or drying ingredients can irritate or even damage your skin at this time. We will provide you with detailed instructions about what cosmetic and skincare products to avoid and which ones are okay to use as your skin heals.

Facial peels offer total skin rejuvenation in a relatively short amount of time and can treat a variety of skin problems. By properly caring for your skin after your peel, you can optimize and prolong your results. For more information about chemical peels or to schedule a consultation to discuss your options with an expert at the MSpa, call our Concord office at 925-685-4533 or contact us online.

How to Care for Your Skin after a Chemical Peel
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How to Care for Your Skin after a Chemical Peel
The MSpa in Concord, California offers chemical peel aftercare tips to help you get the most out of your peel.
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