Skin Peels and Treatments

Skin Peels & Treatments

Skin Peels & Treatments

Keeping skin beautiful is a lifelong process. Even the best skin care regimen at home should be boosted by nourishing spa treatments like the chemical peels we offer at our East Bay medical spa. Under the supervision of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti, MSpa provides a full range of treatments for good skin care to San Ramon, Danville and Walnut Creek, CA med spa patients at our Concord office. Our line of customizable MSpa facials, chemical peels and waxing services can benefit skin of all ages and types.

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RevePeel is a medium-depth, medical-grade chemical peel with the highest concentration of acids possible to powerfully penetrate into the dermis. It stimulates collagen and elastin production to deliver significantly superior results with just one procedure. Ideal for aging or damaged skin, RevePeel is best for treating many common aesthetic complaints without a significant amount of downtime.Skin Peels and Treatments img 1

Upon application, RevePeel goes to work reducing enlarged pores, fading acne scars, smoothing lines and wrinkles, treating moderate to severe pigmentation issues and adding tone and tightness to loose or sagging skin. It’s safe for every skin type and tone.

Appropriate for the face, décolletage, hands and more, RevePeel is a new option for total skin rejuvenation. Reveal new skin in a week and dramatic improvements for younger, healthier-looking skin instantly.

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Revepeel Day 4

Day 4

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Day 7


These professionally applied chemical peel solutions exfoliate dead skin cells and help healthy skin cells rise to the surface. The treatment allows deeper layers of fresh and untouched skin to be revealed. With monthly treatments, you can enjoy even skin tone, cleared acne and younger-looking skin.Skin Peels and Treatments img 2

PCA SKIN peels are safe for all skin types and our esthetician is trained to identify what treatment combination can deliver you the greatest benefits. Peels are easy to work into a busy lifestyle. There is no downtime with PCA SKIN chemical peels — you’ll leave your appointment with a healthy glow and able to carry on with your regular activities.

You won’t necessarily experience visible peeling after each treatment, but that doesn’t mean your treatment was ineffective. Even if you don’t peel, your skin is still exfoliating on a cellular level. Typically, the deeper the peel you receive, the more extensive peeling you will experience.


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Dr. Mariotti’s staff is outstanding! They are true professionals and the office is always calm, aesthetically pleasing and welcoming.

– Patricia H. (BOTOX Cosmetic)

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I felt welcomed from the minute I walked through the doors.

– Kristine K. (BOTOX Cosmetic)

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I’m so happy I no longer have to go to San Francisco or LA for treatments and surgeries because I found the perfect office.

– Andrea G (Lip Fillers)

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Skin Peels FAQs

The cost of a skin peel, also called a chemical peel, can vary widely and depends on the type and strength of the peel, your location and other factors. The best way to get an accurate estimate of the cost of your skin peel is to schedule a consultation at our office to discuss your skin peel options and personal skincare goals in more detail.

The best skin peel for you will depend on your skin type, your specific skin concerns and your goals for your final results. Peels range in strength from light to medium to deep. There are also a number of skin peel brands, each offering an array of specific treatment options. Our experienced skincare professionals will work with you to develop a customized skin peel treatment plan designed for your unique skin.

You might feel a temporary burning or stinging sensation during your peel, though these feelings are typically easy to manage with the use of cold compresses and/or over-the-counter pain medication. Light peels may not produce any side effects, and you may be able to return to your normal routine directly afterward. 

Some very light peels may not cause visible skin peeling. With deeper peels, expect your skin to begin peeling within a few days after your treatment. Peeling can last around 2 to 5 days, depending on the type and strength of peel you choose. During this time, avoid picking or peeling your skin, applying moisturizer instead. We will provide you with detailed aftercare guidelines to help you care for your healing skin and maximize your results.

You will be able to enjoy your skin peel results once your skin has fully healed, which generally takes 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the peel. 

Yes, you can see noticeable results after one chemical peel. However, most people have the best outcomes after a series of peels, each spaced a few weeks apart.

Chemical peels are most commonly performed on the face, but some peels can also be appropriate to treat uneven skin tone, signs of aging and other blemishes on the neck, chest and backs of the hands.

Skin peel results can be very long-lasting, though the longevity of your results will depend on the strength of the peel. Light peel results, for example, may last for 1 to 2 months, while medium peel results can last up to around 6 months. Very deep peels can produce results that last for years to come. 

With any strength of peel, many women and men find that getting regular touch-up treatments here and there helps to prolong and freshen their results.

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