Posted on August 4, 2020

It’s Been a Very Long Year, You Deserve a Liquid Face Lift

Happy woman with her hair wrapped in a towel looking at her liquid facelift results in the bathroom mirror.

Do you feel like lines and wrinkles have crept up on your face a little faster than usual with added stress? Maybe you’ve been working from home and saving up for a cosmetic procedure or two, while your frown lines have been working overtime.

If you’re thinking about getting a face lift but aren’t quite sure you want to dive into the deep end of a surgical procedure just yet, consider treating yourself to a liquid face lift and reaping many of the same benefits.

What Is a Liquid Face Lift?

A liquid face lift uses injectable wrinkle treatments like dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® to smooth away the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

While this type of non-surgical face lift won’t give you as dramatic results as a surgical procedure could, a liquid face lift can still offer plenty of benefits without the need for surgery or downtime.

Anyone looking for a rejuvenated look without surgery could be a good candidate for a liquid face lift.

Liquid Face Lift Benefits

Some of the biggest perks to opting for a non-surgical liquid face lift are:

  • No downtime. Unlike a surgical face lift, injectable wrinkle treatments do not require extensive downtime after treatment. So you can get right back to your daily activities after your appointment and don’t need to worry about scheduling time off work to recover.
  • Less expensive. There are a number of added costs associated with a surgical procedure that won’t be necessary for a non-surgical face lift, such as anesthesia costs, operating room fees and others.
  • Natural-looking results. When performed by a trained, experienced professional, a liquid face lift can yield very natural-looking results. In fact, no one has to know you’ve even had a treatment at all.

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It’s Been a Very Long Year, You Deserve a Liquid Face Lift
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It’s Been a Very Long Year, You Deserve a Liquid Face Lift
Can you get a face lift with fillers? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti of Concord, California shares the benefits of a liquid face lift.
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