Posted on January 24, 2020

How Much Facial Filler Do I Need?

How Much Facial Filler Do I Need?

One of the questions we most commonly get from MSpa patients who are considering injectable fillers to remove lines and wrinkles and restore lost facial volume is “how much product do I need?” It’s a simple question, but the answer varies depending on many factors.

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What You Want to Treat

Fillers come from the manufacturer in a pre-packaged, sterilized syringe. A syringe of Juvederm®, for instance, contains one cc (cubic centimeter) of the product. Your total treatment cost will depend on how many syringes of product you need.

  • If you’re only looking to correct very minor wrinkling or hide a scar or blemish, it may be possible to use only one syringe during treatment.
  • Lip augmentation using injectables typically requires two syringes to create the desired look, without being too noticeable.
  • Treating lines around the mouth such as laugh lines or marionette lines typically requires one to two syringes on each side for full correction.
  • Replacing lost volume in the cheeks often requires the most amount of filler, given the large area. Our patients typically need two to three syringes for each cheek.

Full vs. Partial Correction

As we mentioned above, the amount of filler you need depends not only on where you are treating, but on how much volume/wrinkle reducing effect is desired. Your initial appointment for a filler treatment will likely require more product than a refresh treatment. This is because injectable fillers are slowly and naturally reabsorbed by the body over time.

When you come in for follow-up treatments, assuming you’re on a regular schedule, you’re likely to still have some filler remaining in the injection sites. A patient who originally had a treatment that required six syringes of product may find that her refresh treatment only requires three or four syringes. Depending on the injectable used, we will recommend refresh treatments in intervals of three to 12 months.

The professionals at MSpa have years of experience providing dermal filler treatments. They can advise you during a free consultation exactly how many syringes will need to be used, and can also provide details on other skin rejuvenation options to give you the refreshed and vibrant look you envision! To get on a regular schedule, sign up for our MSpa Aesthetic Club.

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