Posted on June 6, 2023

Why Hydrafacial MD® Is Ideal for Summer

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Summer is the best time of year in the Bay to get out and enjoy that California weather we all pay top dollar for. It’s natural to want to look your best and put a fresh face forward when hitting festivals, concerts, pools and beaches, and wherever your summer fun takes you.

And we have a suggestion for significantly smoother and more youthful skin: HydraFacial MD. This turbocharged facial treatment can help you look your best on an upcoming trip or simply feel more vibrant all summer long. Let’s take a closer look at all this amazing treatment has to offer.

1. Boosts Hydration

The last step in the HydraFacial process is one of the most important for maintaining healthy skin throughout the summer. After cleansing and peeling, the treatment handpiece infuses a high level of hydrating ingredients along with antioxidants. This moisture goes deep into the skin to offer lasting hydration and revitalization.

2. Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells

Even if you do your very best to apply sunscreen daily and protect your skin, time outdoors will add up, and the signs are literally all over your face. By removing dead and damaged outer layers of skin, you’ll be able to reveal a more even complexion with reduced lines and wrinkles. Think of the HydraFacial as a way to push the reset button on summer sun damage.

3. Revitalizes Your Skin with No Downtime

Another fantastic benefit of a HydraFacial is that it’s fully customizable to your skin needs and can tackle a wide range of common complexion concerns, including lines and wrinkles, rough skin tone/texture, brown spots, congested pores, and more. And unlike more aggressive chemical peels and skin treatments, you can be back to your normal routine in a day or less. What better way to make the most of your busy summer schedule?

Ready for your HydraFacial this summer? Call our Concord office today at 925-685-4533 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our medically-trained skincare professionals.

Why Hydrafacial MD® Is Ideal for Summer
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Why Hydrafacial MD® Is Ideal for Summer
Looking to refresh your skin tone this summer? A HydraFacial MD from MSpa in Concord, CA makes it super easy to reveal younger looking skin.
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Dr. Eric Mariotti
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