Posted on May 12, 2021

3 Tips to Make Fillers Work with Your Budget

Mariotti - Woman getting dermal fillers

If dermal fillers are on your wishlist to reduce wrinkles or add volume to your cheeks or lips, but you’re concerned about your budget, don’t fret. There are some simple saving tricks you can use to get fillers on a budget without sacrificing the quality of your results and experience.

1. Book Your Appointment in the Middle of the Month

For many people, most of the biggest bills come at the start of every month. By scheduling your filler appointment towards the middle of the month, you can give yourself some wiggle room in between major bill payments to help your budget stay on track. 

2. Alternate Treatment Areas

Interested in both lip fillers and BOTOX® for forehead wrinkles? Consider alternating treatments at each appointment instead of getting both at once to help stretch your filler budget further. Fillers can last 6 to 18 months before you’ll need a second treatment, giving you time to save in between.

And just because you usually get a certain amount of filler or number of units of BOTOX per appointment doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always need that same amount. Some people find that over time, they need fewer units to maintain their results, so don’t be afraid to make adjustments that’ll work for your results and budget.

3. Set Up a Filler Savings Account

Budgeting is made easier when you have a lump sum in a savings account that you can draw from when you’re ready for your next appointment. Take the stress off of paying for fillers and BOTOX by setting up a dedicated savings account just for this purpose. 

There are even apps you can download on your smartphone that will automatically move money from your direct deposits to your savings account, so you won’t even realize your savings contribution is missing. 

If you have questions about fillers or BOTOX or would like to set up a consultation, contact us online today or call our Concord, California office at 925-685-4533.

3 Tips to Make Fillers Work with Your Budget
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3 Tips to Make Fillers Work with Your Budget
Looking to get fillers on a budget without sacrificing quality? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti of Concord shares 3 money-saving tips.
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