Posted on June 15, 2020

So You Want to Get Fillers But You Don’t Like Needles?

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A large portion of the population is afraid or anxious about needles — one poll estimated about 20%. But if your fear of needles is the only thing keeping you from getting injectable treatments, you may find it relieving to know that there are lots of things you can do to ease your mind.

Put these four tips into practice to help make your dermal filler appointment go smoothly, even if you don’t like needles.

  1. Schedule an Office Visit First

    This gives you a chance to discuss your anxieties about needles with your plastic surgeon, and also an opportunity to see for yourself what types of needles you would be dealing with. Many people are surprised to find out that the needles used for dermal fillers and BOTOX® aren’t as large or intimidating as they’d thought.

  2. Discuss Topical Anesthetics

    Most practices apply a concentrated topical anesthetic to the area to be treated prior to injections. This helps to numb the area so that you can relax without worrying about the pain from the needles. Talk about how this works with your plastic surgeon prior to your filler appointment to help ease your mind.

  3. Choose the Right Provider

    Technique and expertise can really go a long way when it comes to limiting pricks and pains associated with needles. Choose an experienced provider who has the skill and finesse required to maximize your results and minimize discomfort and side effects.

    Choose a provider who focuses on cosmetic treatments—not another professional who dabbles in cosmetics on the side.

  4. Bring a Distraction

    Some people find that using a distraction such as a stress ball to squeeze can help to take their mind off the needles. Once your mind isn’t hyper-focused on the needle, you might find that they’re not so bad after all.

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So You Want to Get Fillers But You Don’t Like Needles?
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So You Want to Get Fillers But You Don’t Like Needles?
How can you get dermal fillers if you don’t like needles? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti of Concord, California shares four top tips.
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Dr. Eric Mariotti Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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