Posted on February 4, 2020

What’s Liposuction Revision & Could It Happen to You?

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In some instances, liposuction may cause a bumpy, uneven appearance of the treated area. This is most frequently caused by an inexperienced provider, as removing too much fat from the area or using the wrong technique can cause this undesirable result.

The good news is that uneven liposuction can be fixed — just be sure you choose your liposuction plastic surgeon wisely.

What Is Liposuction Revision?

Also called liposuction correction, liposuction revision uses various techniques to correct uneven contours caused by a previous liposuction procedure. The extent of correction necessary, as well as the techniques used, will depend on the specific issues you are having with your previous results.

How Is Uneven Liposuction Fixed?

In some cases, more liposuction or a different type of liposuction is enough to address irregularities caused by a previous procedure. For instance, high spots can be removed in order to create a smooth, even surface with low spots that may have formed.

In other instances, techniques like fat transfer and/or a tummy tuck may be required in order to achieve the desired results.

Fat transfer, or fat grafting, removes excess fat from one area of your body and injects it into the target area.

How to Pick a Liposuction Plastic Surgeon

When choosing a plastic surgeon for liposuction or liposuction revision, it’s crucial that you look for credentials like board certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, ample experience in the field, before and after photos and excellent client recommendations.

Dr. Mariotti can help you decide on the best course of action to fix your liposuction. Contact us online or call our Concord office today at 925-685-4533 to schedule your consultation.


What’s Liposuction Revision & Could It Happen to You?
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What’s Liposuction Revision & Could It Happen to You?
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