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What You Need to Know about Breast Implant Options [Infographic]

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Why Having Too Much Lipo Is a Thing You Really Don’t Want to Do

If a little bit of lipo gets you slim and trim, then a whole lot of lipo will get you even slimmer, right? Unfortunately, that’s not quite how liposuction works. This popular body contouring treatment does have its limitations and like most good things, it is possible to have too much liposuction. Here’s why. Liposuction …

How to Prepare for a Mommy Makeover [Infographic]

5 Secrets to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Dermal Fillers [Infographic]

Breast Implants: These Days, Less Can Be More

Breast augmentation has been around for so long that many people have come to associate it with an almost iconic American look, where exaggerated breasts prevail. But the truth is that bigger is really not always better and today’s breast enhancement trends are much more modest and in favor of a subtle, natural look. Here …

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