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Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can take a toll on the female body. Weakened and separated abdominal muscles, stretch marks, excess fat, sagging skin and misshapen breasts are all common aftereffects of motherhood. Fortunately, a customized procedure known as a Mommy Makeover can help moms from Danville, Walnut Creek, and other East Bay cities bring back their pre-pregnancy bodies. Each one is a personalized combination of breast surgery and body procedures, such as tummy tuck and liposuction.

Dr. Mariotti is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving men and women from throughout the East Bay. If you'd like to make an appointment, simply request a consultationrequest a consultation online or call his office at (925) 685-4533.

Mommy Makeover
Before & After Photos


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Mommy Makeover
Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Mommy Makeover case #371 before photo


    Mommy Makeover case #371 after photo


    Case #371

    PATIENT BACKGROUND: This yummy mummy is 36 years old and has two lovely children.  She was recommended by one of Dr. Mariotti’s patients and MPSA member that herself achieved amazing ... View Case 

  • Mommy Makeover case #370 before photo


    Mommy Makeover case #370 after photo


    Case #370

    PATIENT BACKGROUND: This striking 30-year-old female interested in a Mommy Makeover and consulted Dr. Mariotti in his Concord office.  She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds... View Case 

  • Mommy Makeover case #363 before photo


    Mommy Makeover case #363 after photo


    Case #363

    PATIENT BACKGROUND: This lively 40 year old woman of African American descent is a busy mommy of 5 children. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 215 pounds. Not unusually, with those pregnancies, she developed quite a bit of stretch marks, and loose skin of the mid, and lower ... View Case 

  • Mommy Makeover case #356 before photo


    Mommy Makeover case #356 after photo


    Case #356

    PATIENT BACKGROUND: This energetic 35-year-old mother of three has tried everything to regain her pre -baby body.  Despite diet and exercise she has been unable to improve the appearance of her abdomen and not unlike most mother’s that have breast fed, is unhappy with ... View Case 

Why a Mommy Makeover?

Normal aging and pregnancies can make the average woman self-conscious about showing her belly or breasts to anyone. This sometimes even includes her husband or significant other. Your body's reaction to motherhood can show itself in any number of ways, from persistent areas of fat and excess abdominal skin to sagging, deflated breasts.

"Breast surgery makes up the largest portion of my practice, and tummy tucks are my second-most-performed surgery," Dr. Mariotti says. "I have performed many hundreds of these procedures. By combining them, we minimize the amount of time in the operating room while maximizing the results."

Like your body and your experience with pregnancy, your reasons for having a Mommy Makeover are unique. Dr. Mariotti will work with you at your consultation to come up with a surgery plan that suits you.

Meet Dr. Eric Mariotti

Dr. Mariotti offers much more than beautiful results - he'll ensure that you feel relaxed and cared for. Discover why people from around Walnut Creek trust him for their plastic surgery.

Meet Dr. Mariotti   Meet Dr. Mariotti

Dr. Mariotti

Your Options

Each Mommy Makeover Dr. Mariotti performs is as unique as each woman's body. Common components of a Mommy Makeover include one or more of the following procedures:

  • Tummy tuck to remove excess loose or stretched skin common after pregnancy or weight loss. In addition to skin excision, tummy tuck surgery can also tighten loose, weakened abdominal muscles with internal sutures and even address small amounts of excess fat. The result is an abdomen that's strong, toned, and beautiful.
  • Breast lift to lift and shape sagging breasts. Each detail of the breast lift can be completely customized to suit your needs, from the incision placement to the degree of nipple and areola adjustment. Once completed, a breast lift leaves patients with a perky, improved shape.
  • Breast augmentation to replace or add fullness to undersized breasts. Breast implants can be a great option on their own or in addition to a breast lift if both volume and sagging are concerns.
  • Liposuction to fine-tune trouble spots. Dr. Mariotti uses sophisticated techniques to target unwanted areas of fat — even small areas, such as below the chin or around the ankles. Selective liposuction can also enhance the results of breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and other procedures.
  • Labiaplasty to renew stretched and enlarged labia. Childbirth and even aging can alter the appearance of the labia, necessitating surgical intervention to restore them to their original appearance.
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Surgery Details

Your surgery will take place at Premier Surgery Center in Concord, typically under a general anesthetic. Some will be discharged after recovery from anesthesia; in other instances, we may recommend staying overnight at our surgery center.

Dr. Mariotti minimizes the amount of bandages and wraps whenever possible. If he can make the procedure look like a smaller surgery, it will likely feel like a smaller surgery. You will still experience a period of recovery, but Dr. Mariotti encourages patients to get up and about early to shorten the downtime. For more information about liposuction and abdominoplasty, please visit our Liposuction FAQ and Tummy Tuck FAQ pages.

Showing Off Your New Look

Whenever possible, Dr. Mariotti will make any incisions for breast and body contouring procedures in locations easily hidden by undergarments. Incisions will be red or pink initially but will fade over time.

Dr. Mariotti keeps tummy tuck scars as low as possible so they are well hidden with a normal swimsuit or underwear. The details matter, such as the location of the belly button scar. In this case, Dr. Mariotti works to keep it tucked down into the belly button itself to disguise any outward appearance of a tummy tuck.

"I like to say that after these procedures, you will be figuring out what cute outfits you can wear to show off your belly instead of figuring out what outfits can hide your belly," Dr. Mariotti says. "The self-confidence transformation is always a fun thing to see."

Do you have additional questions about the possibilities for your Mommy Makeover? Visit our FAQ page to learn even more.

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