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Breast Augmentation Revision

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Many women come to Dr. Eric Mariotti because they are unhappy with the results of a previous breast enlargement procedure. Sometimes they are experiencing a complication. Dr. Mariotti performs breast augmentation revision to help his patients from Walnut Creek and other East Bay communities feel confident about their breasts again.

To find out how revision breast surgery can improve your appearance, simply request a consultationrequest a consultation online with Dr. Mariotti or call his office at (925) 685-4533.


Why Breast Revision?

Breast augmentation is a frequently performed procedure. Given the large number of women in and around Walnut Creek who have breast augmentation, it is not surprising that some procedures do not produce the desired results. Several possible problems may arise after breast enlargement surgery, making revision a good option:

  • Wrinkled or rippled skin
  • Capsular contracture
  • An implant that has shifted position (for example, too high or too low)
  • Implants that are too far apart (wide cleavage)
  • Scarring
  • Asymmetry

Meet Dr. Eric Mariotti

Dr. Mariotti offers much more than beautiful results - he'll ensure that you feel relaxed and cared for. Discover why people from around Walnut Creek trust him for their plastic surgery.

Meet Dr. Mariotti   Meet Dr. Mariotti

Dr. Mariotti

Challenges of Breast Revision

Although choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon is important with any procedure, it is particularly important for breast augmentation revision. Women seeking revision surgery often have a great deal of internal or external scar tissue, thin or stretched skin, and distorted anatomy of the breast and chest wall. Dr. Mariotti has the skill and experience that not all plastic surgeons have, and he can work with these unique challenges to make your breast revision a success. He also provides a warm and supportive atmosphere where you can feel comfortable sharing your concerns.

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