Below you’ll find reviews from some of our many happy patients.

JS M, June 2020

yelp-logoI had a breast augmentation with Dr. Mariotti about one month ago and could not be more thrilled with the results! I researched BAs for a long time and then visited a couple of local plastic surgeons that had fantastic outcomes and reviews. Upon meeting Dr. Mariotti, I knew immediately that I had to work with him. He was honest, kind, took his time explaining the procedure and answering questions. After our consult I was able to sit with Audrey, the patient care coordinator. Some offices can get pushy at this point, but not Audrey. She was exceptional! She explained the pricing – it’s all very upfront – and my options for surgery dates. I loved that Dr. Mariotti includes an insurance plan for these procedures, something no other doctor even offered. Audrey also provided a booklet with detailed information on prepping for surgery, the surgery itself and post-surgery. As a research-aholic, I was super impressed with the amount of information included. Dr. Mariotti clearly prides himself on educating his patients so that expectations are met in the best possible way. The surgery itself was much easier than I imagined and my recovery was incredibly fast. I’ve had two post-op appointments and they’ve also gone very smoothly. Every day I look in the mirror and smile, thanks to Dr. Mariotti. My only regret is not doing this sooner. Dr. Mariotti is incredible and I cannot recommend him enough. His skill and professionalism speak for themselves, and I’m forever grateful to him and his fantastic staff!

Stephanie, June 2020

yelp-logoLove this place! About six months ago I got filler for the first time in my lips. They came out looking amazing. I recently went back for my six month follow up and had the same experience. They make you feel so comfortable. I can’t wait for my next six month follow up!

Nicole, May 2020

yelp-logoI went to Dr. Mariotti in 2014 for a breast augmentation. I was extremely nervous but decided to go for a consultation with no expectations but to get more information. His staff was extremely friendly and answered all my question. When I talked to Dr. Mariotti I told him I was very insecure with my body and just wanted to be fuller but not look un naturally large for my body. He told me to bring in the size bra I wanted so we could talk about exactly what I wanted to do. After talking he said that he thought I could go even bigger if I wanted to because my “frame” would fit it. I told him no I just wanted to go up 2 cup sizes, and he absolutely respected that. He told me that when you first get them, your breast will be swollen and be larger than what we talked about, but not to worry because the swelling will go down and the implants will “drop.” He was absolutely right! After walking around with my swollen breasts I was like, I definitely could have went bigger, that being said, I am very pleased with how they came out, they look amazing after they healed. 7 years later, I am still very happy I did, and that I choose Dr. Mariotti. From the consultation, to the surgery, and thought my follow ups, Dr Mariotti and his staff are amazing.

Verified Patient, May 2020

vitals-logoDr. Mariotti and his staff are exceptional. I have had several procedures done first being a breast augmentation back in 2016 and I felt so comfortable and pleased with Dr. Mariotti and his staff the entire time. They answers all my questions and concerns and even up to my surgery date I felt so confident. My surgery went great and the post op visits were more reassuring as any questions I had were answered. They were there for me as a patient 100 percent and to me that is very satisfying as I never felt just like another patient. I am always greeted with a smile and they know me by name. Even 4 years later when I got my liposuction Feb 2020. The reason for going back to Dr. Mariotti years later for another procedure was never in question. I trust him His results, his staff , the patient follow ups 100 percent!!! He is honest with advice about what he can or is not willing to do and I respect that. He gives you honest feedback!!! Most doctors just want the money and another client he never makes you feel that way. I look great. I have amazing boobs and a to die for body and I thank him for that and his amazing staff. I also get fillers in my lips and no question but to get them done there.

Halli, April 2020

yelp-logoI’ve gotten my lips done at MSpa a few times I’ve been happy with the customer service every time, i usually see Chris for my lip injections however one time she wasn’t available during a small window of time I needed to be seen and so I saw another lady, she was very kind and although she did a great job it wasn’t the shape I am usually used to and like on myself so, Dr. Mariotti himself was able to get me in to dissolve the solution and re inject to give me the ideal lip shape I’m used to and I’m thrilled. I am so pleased with how this establishment is ran and made sure to listen to my needs and make sure they were met. I LOVE my lips now, I can’t express it enough how happy I am with everyone that works at this place and how they treat their clients!

Marcela, February 2020

healthgrades-logoI got a tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery with Dr. Mariotti. The results for both surgeries were excellent. I highly recommend him since he is a great professional and he transmits confidence in his procedures. His staff is wonderful.

Inger, January 2020

yelp-logoI love this spot!! All the staff are phenomenal. I see Chris Milan for all of my skin care needs to put my best face forward!!! She is gentle, kind, compassionate and highly skilled in what she does.

Alyssa, January 2020

yelp-logoGreat experience with Dr. Mariotti!!!! Awesome bedside manners and made sure I was happy and comfortable during the entire process. My results from my surgery are amazing and I could not be happier. He truly is an artist in what he does. I’m very happy that I went with him and did all the research that I did. If I could give more than a 5 star review I would!!! Highly recommend!!

Keston, December 2019

facebook-logoDr. Mariotti and his team are compassionate, professional and have been so genuine in my journey with them! I was so scared to have a procedure done and he and his team made me feel comfortable and certain in my decision to go through with it. My search for a plastic surgeon is done. Will always go to him and recommend him to everyone I know!

Krystle, December 2019

yelp-logoI will start by saying the office experience is very pleasant, warm and welcoming. All the ladies are extremely sweet. I have been waiting for my surgery for 6 years and have had 4 different consults. I was recommended to Dr Mariotti by a friend and decided to choose him as I had a warm feeling of trust and confidence from him, straight to the point personality. I was going in for tummy tuck, breast aug and lift. Before going into surgery I had a risk of blood clotting after surgery (not positive but was a new health risk for me) and Dr Mariotti took every precaution possible and answered every question with no hesitation.

Sure enough I ended up with a PE (blood clot in lung) a few days later. Let me tell you, this doctor is the sweetest man including his wife Deb. These two came and visited me in the hospital after a long weekend of vacationing and drove all the way to see me in my hometown late night. Who in the world does that??!!! They both truly care about the patients that come through their office. He has been amazing since I’ve been recovering and making sure that I end up happy with my results. My money has been well spent here and I’m glad I chose him. I don’t think I would have had the same experience with any other doctor. He has done an amazing job and couldn’t thank him (and his wife) enough for what he has done for me and what my results with look like in the end! I feel like I’m back in the 20’s!! His work is amazing and he knows what he’s doing!!

Tina, November 2019

google-logoDr. Mariotti and his entire team are the best! Kind, thoughtful and very gifted. My breast reduction was so necessary for my health and they were so respectful and professional. I have never felt better or healthier in my life. The care they took with me went above and beyond any expectations. I love them all and wish I would have done this 20 years ago. An amazing experience.

S.M., November 2019

yelp-logoI had a surgery in Feb 2018 with another surgeon that was going to require a massive reconstruction. Due to circumstances out of anyone’s control, I wasn’t able to use my prior surgeon for the follow up surgery. I was referred to Dr. Mariotti’s office by a friend who worked for a plastic surgery center that focused on cancer reconstruction.

Went to my initial appointment and there wasn’t a single doubt about the fact I had found the right surgeon for the job. I was relieved… The job ahead wasn’t easy but I knew Dr. Mariotti was going to be amazing.

Over a year later and I am still one happy patient. I have referred several people over to their office without hesitation. I would see Dr. Mariotti and his team for anything in a heartbeat. His team is knowledgeable, professional and genuinely kind. They are the kind of people you would trust with your mother, your child or best friend.

Dr. Mariotti is the utmost professional as well as a master of his craft. I recommend his office with 10 stars if possible. Thank you to Dr. Mariotti and staff for taking such good care of me.

Shannon, October 2019

facebook-logoDr. Mariotti is the best. After losing over 100 lbs Dr Mariotti addressed my concerns about my body and my excess skin and helped me achieve a body I only thought was in my dreams. My confidence is thru the roof and I am living my best life. He (and the staff) take time to listen and they care. He won’t promise what is impossible to achieve and gives realistic expectations, but always delivers amazing results.

Tara, September 2019

google-logoDr. Mariotti and his staff are great. They always make you feel welcomed and they are so helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Mariotti himself is very modest and clearly has the best intentions for his patients. His work is amazing, he is definitely an artist. I would recommend him and this office to everyone if they are looking for a place they will feel comfortable and get the best care!

Noelle, August 2019

google-logoI went to Dr. Mariotti for my breast augmentation and he was AMAZING. A friend of mine referred me to him because she was so please with the work he’d done on her. I can’t express enough how smooth everything went, how quickly I healed, how they happily answered all of my questions every time I called back because I thought of another one. The entire staff was friendly and helpful and Dr. Mariotti’s work has me looking. A HUGE THANK YOU TO HIM!

Irene, August 2019

google-logoDr. Mariotti and his staff are extremely friendly and always make you feel welcomed to their office. His work and attention to detail is great and my breast augmentation results couldn’t have been better. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Thanks Dr. Mariotti!

Amanda, June 2019

yelp-logoOh my goodness! 5 stars + 5 more!!

After my consultation I felt so confident in choosing to have a “mommy makeover” with Dr. Mariotti. Everyone who helped me was so informative it made me feel way less overwhelmed. I totally didn’t think “bedside manner” mattered when choosing a surgeon, but Dr. Mariotti’s kindness and genuineness really left an impact on me. And every single member of his team is just as great! From beginning to end they made me feel so prepared and had no unanswered questions.

My results far exceeded my expectations!! My chin is still on the ground after seeing my (what I feel like) perfect results!!
Dr. Mariotti has been blessed with such an incredible gift and team. I am extremely grateful to be fortunate enough to be one of their patients. I could not recommend Dr. Mariotti more. If they sold t-shirts I’d wear one everyday!!

Reviewer, May 2019

healthgrades-logoI want to start by saying thank you to Dr. Mariotti. He has truly changed my life. No amount of words can express my gratitude. In my eyes, he is a true master artist of plastic surgery. His results are flawless, natural looking and incomparable. He is gentle, respectful, and professional. I have had three procedures and each one of them have been a pleasant experience with incredibly beautiful results. His new operating room and recovery area is clean, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. I am so glad I was able to experience it this time around. I give the highest recommendation for Dr. Mariotti.

Verified Patient, May 2019

vitals-logoI want to start by saying thank you to Dr. Mariotti. He has truly changed my life. No amount of words can express my gratitude. In my eyes, he is a true master artist of plastic surgery. His results are flawless, natural looking and incomparable. He is gentle, respectful, and professional. I have had three procedures and each one of them have been a pleasant experience with incredibly beautiful results. His new operating room and recovery area is clean, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. I am so glad I was able to experience it this time around. I give the highest recommendation for Dr. Mariotti.

Jennifer, May 2019

google-logoIt has been exactly a year since my breast enhancement and it has been one of the best things I have ever done. I trust Dr. Mariotti and would give him 10 stars if I could. He did fantastic work and is truly genius.

Kim, May 2019

google-logoI honestly can’t say enough about Dr. Mariotti and his staff. I felt as if I was welcomed into a warm and inviting place for my procedure. I have been going through a difficult divorce and could see it showing on my face. I traveled from Grass Valley because I had heard so many praises of his office and staff. I received a chemical peel by his amazing aesthetician, Linda. She was very informative about the procedure. It was very helpful, as the immediate recovery was not pleasant. I held fast in my trust for her. While it was a bit miserable at first, I can honestly say that I feel like she removed the sad divorce lines off of my face. I honestly can’t recommend it enough, especially if you want to lose about 5 years off your face. I will be back!

Ashley, May 2019

google-logoFriend of mine recommended the MSpa. Loved my hydro facial! Felt younger and fully refreshed! The next day I noticed I got a lot more smiles. So easy no downtime, and the staff made me feel at home! They are knowledgeable in various treatments and cosmetic products! Love their eye and facial serums and creams! I will be back!

Brittany, May 2019

yelp-logoI want to start by saying thank you to Dr. Mariotti. He has truly changed my life. No amount of words can express my gratitude. In my eyes, he is a true master artist of plastic surgery. His results are flawless, natural looking and incomparable. He is gentle, respectful, and professional. I have had three procedures and each one of them have been a pleasant experience with incredibly beautiful results. His new operating room and recovery area is clean, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. I am so glad I was able to experience it this time around. I give the highest recommendation for Dr. Mariotti.

Marina, March 2019

google-logoI had breast implants that were over 24 years old and one just deflated. Suddenly I felt like the awkward and embarrassed flat-chested 15 year old again. I made an appointment and when the office staff heard how upset I was with the way I looked, they got me an appointment with the first cancellation. I was fortunate that someone else had to reschedule their surgery and Dr. Mariotti was able to do my surgery sooner. Now I have safer better quality implants than were available 24 years ago. Results look wonderful and I’m back to feeling confidant in my business attire. Thank you Dr. Mariotti and your caring staff.

Reviewer, September 2018

healthgrades-logoDr. Mariotti is wonderful at Sculptra filler, I had temples all the way to mid jawline done, truly an artistic touch and very personable, engaging in every way, who know maybe when I’m ready for a facelift I would not hesitate seeing Dr. Mariotti.

Gina, January 2019

facebook-logoKind, caring and top notch competent! I’ve seen him for 10+ years for botox.

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Dear Dr. Mariotti,
Thank you so much for making me so happy. You did a wonderful job. I feel so much more confident.
Best wishes from G. T.
(Chin and Neck Liposuction)

Dear Dr. Mariotti & Staff,
Thank you so much for making my procedure pleasant. And thanks for my new body!
Shelly S.
(Tummy Tuck)

Dr. Mariotti and Staff,
I wanted to say thank you. You and all your team took great care of me. Thanksgiving is once a year, but giving thanks is everyday.
Kathleen C.
(Breast Reduction)

Dr. Mariotti,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of your work I have so much more self-esteem. I know you probably think I am just saying that but it’s true. My “outgoing” attitude was a lot of pretend before. I hated the way I looked and all the working out and diet wasn’t working, very frustrating. Now I feel great about myself.
You must feel so good about being able to help so many people regain their self confidence. I am so glad I made that call. Thank you again!!!
(Liposuction and Tummy Tuck)

Dear Dr. Mariotti,
I can never thank you enough for giving me back my figure. I feel so good about myself now.

Dr. Mariotti and Staff,
“You did a beautiful surgery”
Thanks so much for your kindness and wonderful surgery. I am so thankful for you
Your patient,
Rita S. 

Dear Dr. Mariotti,
Once again I want to say how pleased I am with the truly skillful sculpturing you did on my tummy and thighs. This has been a dream come true! Now under your care once again, I look forward to the breast reduction scheduled for December.
Kathy D.
(Liposuction, Breast Reduction)

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