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Breast Reduction

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Do you feel that your large breasts affect your daily life? Do you have back, neck, or shoulder pain? How about headaches? Do you wear baggy clothes to hide your size? Large breasts can be a blessing for some, and a curse for others. When a woman sees her breasts as a hindrance, they can negatively affect her self-esteem, her health, and her quality of life. Dr. Eric Mariotti performs breast reduction to help women from Walnut Creek, Danville, and throughout the East Bay who are burdened with overly large breasts feel healthier and more confident.

We will work with you during your consultation visits to find the appropriate size for your body proportions and personal aesthetic. Depending on each patient's breast size and shape, liposuction can be performed simultaneously on the outer areas of the chest and under the armpits.This helps reduce the bulging areas which commonly accompany larger breasts. Dr. Eric Mariotti serves the East Bay. If you'd like to make an appointment, simply request a consultationrequest a consultation online or call his office at (925) 685-4533.

Breast Reduction
Before & After Photos


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Breast Reduction
Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Dr. Mariotti and Staff,
I wanted to say thank you. You and all your team took great care of me. Thanksgiving is once a year, but giving thanks is everyday.

Kathleen C.

During Surgery

During the reduction procedure, Dr. Mariotti not only removes excess tissue and fat from the breast, he also sculpts the breast into a smaller, perkier shape. The techniques and incision patterns used are essentially the same as those used in a breast lift. Depending on each patient's breast size and shape, liposuction can be performed simultaneously on the outer areas of the chest and under the armpits. This helps reduce the bulging areas which commonly accompany larger breasts.

Heavy breasts can lead to physical discomfort, a variety of medical problems, shoulder indentations due to tight bra straps, and extreme self-consciousness.

Incisions outline the area of skin, breast tissue, and fat to be removed and the new position for the nipple.

Skin formerly located above the nipple is brought down and together to reshape the breast. Sutures close the incisions, giving the breast it's new contour.

Scars around the areola, below it, and in the crease under the breast are permanent, but can be easily concealed by clothing.

With smaller, better proportioned breasts, you'll feel more comfortable and your clothes will fit better.

A breast reduction will typically take two and a half hours. General anesthesia is used and the surgery is performed at Premier Surgery Center located conveniently in Concord near Walnut Creek and Danville. Breast Reduction patients are typically discharged an hour or two after surgery with some light bandaging to cover their incisions. You will be able to shower after one day at home.

Meet Dr. Eric Mariotti

Dr. Mariotti offers much more than beautiful results - he'll ensure that you feel relaxed and cared for. Discover why people from around Walnut Creek trust him for their plastic surgery.

Meet Dr. Mariotti   Meet Dr. Mariotti

Dr. Mariotti

Showing Off Your New Look

Depending on your job, it is often possible to return to work within just two to three weeks. In most instances, you can resume normal activities, including some mild exercise, after three to five weeks. You may continue to experience some mild, periodic discomfort during this time, but this is normal and can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medication.

Most patients heal well after breast reduction, and the results can be seen and felt immediately. But the tradeoff is some normal, visible scarring under the breast. Scars can be unpredictable, as everyone's skin heals differently. Some patients end up with fine white lines, while others result in thicker or darker ones. What we can tell you is that Dr. Mariotti utilizes every tool and technique in his power to minimize the visibility of his incisions. The best predictor of your healing outcome is to survey other scars that you may have.

Former patients agree that the scars are nothing compared to having better proportion between their breast and body, and an improved physical and emotional quality of life. As one of Dr. Mariotti's patients puts it, "The scars don't bother me at all. I just wish I had done this 20 years ago!"

Breast Reduction Before & After

Each patient is unique. These are Dr. Mariotti's actual patients. Click the thumbnails for a more detailed view, or visit our breast reduction gallery to see more patient cases.

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