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Plastic Surgeon Says Combination Procedures Are Surging Again

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Dr. Eric Mariotti, a plastic surgery specialist serving Walnut Creek, says the economic recession was accompanied by a downturn in combination surgeries such as Mommy Makeovers, but more patients are again realizing their benefits.

Concord, California (February 2014) — According to Dr. Eric Mariotti (, the U.S. economic turnaround of the past couple of years has resulted in a surge in specialized combination procedures at his plastic surgery practice serving the Walnut Creek area. Known as Mommy Makeovers, these operations address multiple areas of the body at once.

"After the recession hit, I saw a lot of patients interested in getting just one procedure done — for instance, addressing only the breasts when they also wanted a tummy tuck," Dr. Mariotti says. "Now, patients are more willing to make a bigger upfront investment in a more extensive procedure like a Mommy Makeover. This actually saves patients money and recovery time in the long run."

Dr. Mariotti compares investing in a combination surgery to buying a home that gains in value or a hybrid vehicle that costs a lot up front but saves a person money in gas over time. He says getting a Mommy Makeover to target all the cosmetic concerns caused by pregnancy rather than first getting breast surgery, waiting, and then getting body surgery means paying more surgical and anesthesia fees overall.

Another benefit of the combination procedure, Dr. Mariotti says, is the highly satisfying effect of a woman achieving several cosmetic goals at once. The plastic surgeon says his patients from Walnut Creek consistently report very high satisfaction rates after Mommy Makeover surgery because they feel like they "got their bodies back."

Although the recovery time required by a Mommy Makeover is generally longer than might be required of a single surgery, Dr. Mariotti says, the overall time is less than it would be for 2 separate surgeries.

"Plus, patients only have to take time off work and arrange for help once," he says. "Also, recovery times have decreased pretty significantly in recent years."

Due to advancements in surgical techniques and new methods for pain management, patients are able to get back to their daily activities faster than ever. There are also financing options available through most practices or through various healthcare financing services, the Walnut Creek-area plastic surgeon says.

"Financing makes it easier for patients to make that upfront investment," he says, "and it really is worth it in the end for women who want all the Mommy Makeover options, both in terms of cost and convenience."

Dr. Mariotti says he expects more people to elect cosmetic surgery — and combination procedures — as the U.S. economy continues to improve. Meanwhile, researchers are regularly making advances that shorten recovery time and that provide effective results through less invasive techniques.

If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Mariotti or his Mommy Makeover procedure, simply request a consultation or call our office at (925) 685-4533.

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