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Pre-planning Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Alleviates Stress

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Dr. Eric Mariotti, a plastic surgeon who specializes in treating patients after significant weight loss in the Walnut Creek area, reveals the importance of planning ahead for cosmetic procedures that often follow bariatric surgery.

Concord, California (December 2011) – After succeeding with significant weight loss, many Walnut Creek area residents are left with residual problems such as loose skin and fat deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti offers advice on the best way to correct these problems.

"Losing significant amounts of weight, as typically occurs after bariatric surgery, is a remarkable achievement," Dr. Mariotti says. "The challenge for many successful weight-loss patients is that, even though they continue their healthy diet and fitness programs, they may have problems with loose, sagging skin and residual fat deposits. If they will need additional surgery to tighten the skin and remove the fat deposits, I advise my patients to start planning plastic surgery even before their weight loss journey begins."

The reason for this advice, Dr. Mariotti says, is that post-weight-loss patients usually benefit most from a series of procedures. For example, he may perform a breast reduction and then, after healing, perform a second procedure consisting of a thigh lift and liposuction at his Walnut Creek area practice.

By pre-planning these multiple surgeries and periods of downtime, patients can usually arrange more easily for time off from work and help from friends and family members.

"In my experience, employers are more willing to allow for time off if they have sufficient advance notice," Dr. Mariotti says. "My patients generally find that by telling employers and family and friends in advance about their plans for plastic surgery, they get more offers to help out with issues such as transportation, shopping and child care. By establishing this type of support system early, they reduce their stress.

"I can't emphasize enough how critical it is for patients to feel calm and confident that they have a support system in place. Emotional well-being is just as important for healing as is physical health."

At his practice near Walnut Creek, liposuction, brachioplasty (arm lift), abdominoplasty or lower body lift, and breast lift/reduction are among the top post-weight-loss procedures Dr. Mariotti performs.

"Post-weight-loss plastic surgery is one of the most rewarding areas of my practice," Dr. Mariotti says. "After they have healed, my patients typically are so delighted with their newly sculpted bodies that they tell me their self-confidence has soared. For many of them, plastic surgery is the final phase of their transformation, and it's rewarding to share their success."

To learn more about plastic surgery from Dr. Mariotti, contact his office at (925) 685-4533 or request a consultation online.

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